Alternative Treatment for an Effective Chronic Pain Relief.

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a healing technique that originated thousands of years ago from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This practice is based on the concept that medical conditions and mental health disorders are caused by an imbalance in vital life energy called Qi.
Qi regulates the overall health of the body, moving through pathways called meridians located at certain points throughout the body. Supported by TCM theory, Qi becomes congested in different meridian pathways, leading to disease or disorders. The goal of acupuncture is to restore the health and balance of these channels, therefore promoting better health and getting relief for the patient.

Acupuncture for Anxiety & Insomnia

Acupuncture Is the Natural Anxiety Remedy You Might Want to Try

Acupuncture can treat anxiety by regulating the functions of the brain, specifically the autonomic nervous system which includes both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Anxiety is generally characterized by persistent feelings of nervousness, worry, and even fear. It can interfere with an individual’s everyday life for an extended period of time. When a person experiences anxiety, an indication of imbalance in the body, he or she often shows visible symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweating, nausea, chest tightness, or insomnia.
Acupuncture treatments for anxiety disorders redirect the body’s energy into a more balanced flow. It provides support to the underlying energetic spheres affected by your anxiety, helping to resolve the cause or effects of your stress. Needles are inserted half a millimeter away from nerves at acupuncture points to regulate or stimulate the neurostransmitters in your brain, therefore decrease the markers of stress and lower blood pressure which assists in overall anxiety treatment.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Pair Acupuncture with a Nutritious Diet and Exercise to See Weight-Loss Benefits

Advocates of acupuncture for weight loss believe that acupuncture can stimulate the body’s energy flow to increase metabolism, reduce appetite, lower stress, and affect the part of the brain that feels hunger.
Acupuncture treatments for weight loss stimulate the release of certain chemicals in the body, commonly target liver, spleen, kidney, thyroid gland & endocrine system, the areas of the body are imbalance and thus causing overweight. Although different acupuncture practitioners recommend different levels and lengths of treatment, if you plan on losing 10 to 15 pounds, having several treatments a week for six to eight weeks is a common program.